solar powered electric boats
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The Institute for Solar Shipbuilding

The Institute for solar shipbuilding was created on the 1st January 1996, after the co-operation over many years of the partners Thomas Meyer and Dirk Tegtmeyer had led to extensive interdisciplinary work in the areas of shipbuilding and electro-technology.

The purpose of the Institute is to bring interdisciplinary know how to interested decision makers. Its fiscal and administrative head office is in Hameln, with a shipbuilding-technical department in Berlin and an electrotechnical department in Hameln.

The Institute aims to demonstrate the feasibility and market relevance of solar shipbuilding using prototypes. In addition, its work includes appraisal for solar suburban traffic systems, and complete planning for tourism offers.

The solar boat "Carl", with innovative control engineering (optimized DC engine, battery management) and optimized trunk and propeller organization, was prominent for many years in Germany (1st place with the German solar boat championship from 1992 to 1997). In the year 1996 also the European solar boat championship was won.